Agenda Boa

Agenda Boa is the digital transformation of microentrepreneurs and small businesses of all segments, causing social impact through increased income. Through a complete management tool, Startup offers agility and practicality for the entrepreneur to professionalize and accelerate your business, with features to generate documents such as contracts, budgets and service orders; Manage orders; control the finances; issue receipts and service invoices; and create Customer Catalogs, Services and Products.

Founders: Hans Page e Christoph Friedrich

Investment Year: 2021
Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro
Sector: SaaS


CustomerX offers a software that helps small and medium-sized companies to reduce churn and manage their customer relationships through Customer successes, centralizing information, automating routine processes, defining customer health, conducting NPs searches, and following the client’s journey.

Founders: Leonardo Superti, Guilherme S, Marcelo Ricardo, Alex Calgaro, Ricardo Grassi

Investment Year: 2021
Headquarters: Toledo
Sector: SaaS


Nuvidio is a startup focused on peer-to-peer online video The company has created a complete technology and infrastructure for each type of video-service with specific features for e-commerce, Inside Sales, Customer Success, events (business rounds) and online services. The platform assists from video schedule to payment through integrations via API.

Founders: Thiago Haddad, Janu Queiroz, Gustavo Alves

Investment Year: 2021
Headquarters: Belo Horizonte
Sector: Saas


Octagora provides a remote visual visual assistance corporate platform, which enables service areas, customer support and field teams, improving the level of distance learning resolution, avoiding unproductive technical visits and face -to -face care through involvement and Virtual interaction with the image that is transmitted by the cell phone camera in real time.

Founders: Marcelo Izumi, Daniel Vidal Cussi, Celso Rosa

Investment Year: 2021
Headquarters: São Paulo
Sector: SaaS