Information Technology


CarBigData offers a BigData Analytics platform for monitoring vehicles that assists its customers in preventing fraud and locating stolen, stolen, defaulting and misappropriation vehicles. It has smart cameras spread throughout Brazil in strategic locations such as parking lots, highways, borders, etc. Today they work with some of the largest insurers, banks and rental companies in Brazil.

Founders: Pedro Medeiros de Paula, Daniel Nunes Romero, Rogério Gomes

Investment Year: 2021
Headquarters: São Paulo
Sector: Information Technology


FindUp offers solutions capable of transforming companies’ relationship with technology through IT services, eliminating obstacles and ensuring uninterrupted productivity to users from end to end, from the source of the problem.

Positioning as a strategic extension of your team, it has agile operations that directly impact performance, integrating advanced techniques in data analysis and different types of artificial intelligence.

Through a wide and interconnected community to its ecosystem, Findup enables an agile and flexible connection between more than 17,000 technicians and companies anywhere in Brazil. This interconnection provides a constant flow of rich data, which are transformed into valuable insights to support efficient processes in the workplace.

Founders: Fabio Freire e Gustavo Sá Ferreira

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: Recife
Sector: Information Technology