eRural is a livestock marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers through its platform, with the mission of bringing the rancher the best business opportunities. It is the strategic partner in the acquisition and marketing of animals.

Founders: Matheus Ladeia, Paulo Pacheco, Alexandre Darzé, Iago Santana

Investment Year: 2022
Headquarters: Salvador
Sector: Marketplace, Agtech

Gavea Tech

Gavea Tech is a technology company that has developed a blockchain platform for the commodity industry, which allows customers to create their own marketplaces and connect their base of suppliers and customers to negotiate the purchase, sale and barter of any product, With the asset tokenization, total traceability of origin and socio -environmental compliance.

Founders: Vítor Uchôa Nunes

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro
Sector: Fintech, Agtech


Sensix is ​​an agtech that provides crop performance analysis using data on the history and cultivation condition. They consolidate fertility, nematodes, compaction, booth, weeds, satellite and drone images, rain and harvesting, delivering automated processes and ROI to customers.

Founders: Carlos Ribeiro e Thomaz Lemos

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: Uberlândia
Sector: Agtech, ClimateTech