7 Waves

7Waves is a platform for empowering young people to plan and achieve what to grow. Through its application, it acts as methodological and technological support in the application of techniques to achieve the objectives set.

Founders: Rodolfo Ribeiro

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: Sorocaba
Sector: Edtech, HRtech



Agenda Edu is an education SuperApp that connects schools (managers and teachers) with parents and students. The idea is to engage students and guardians in the school routine, strengthening ties and improving internal communication between them, as well as having some other features such as EduPay (payments).

Founders: Anderson Morais

Investment Year: 2017
Headquarters: Fortaleza
Sector: Edtech


Digital Innovation One

DIO is an educational platform that connects software development students with courses and challenges aligned with the needs of large companies. They offer a gamified interface, bootcamps and courses created by IT market experts besides offering courses, Dio offers student performance data collection solutions, identifying talents and assisting in their recommendation and recruitment for clients.

Founders: Iglá Generoso, Gustavo Pereira, Pablo Zaniolo

Investment Year: 2021
Headquarters: Araraquara
Sector: Edtech, HRtech



Even3 is an all-in-one platform that simplifies the management of the entire life cycle of corporate and scientific events, research publication and content. Our purpose is to connect people and knowledge through technology.

Founders: Leandro Reinaux, Clausio Barbosa, Renato Cruz

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: Recife
Sector: Adtech, Edtech


Jovens Gênios

Jovens Gênios offers gamified digital platforms for individualized assessment and learning to transform public and private institutions of basic education.

Founders: Bernard Caffé e Fernando Costa de Souza

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro
Sector: Edtech


Kiddle Pass

Kiddle Pass is a digital kindergarden platform (SaaS) that offers interactive school hiring activities for children from 3 to 12 years. The product works through an application where it is possible to access hundreds of online activities of school hiring with pedagogical curatorship, in a practical, simple, economical and secure way.

Founders: Marianna Espindola e Fernanda Sotelo

Investment Year: 2022
Headquarters: Santos
Sector: Edtech


Learn To Fly

Learn to Fly is a platform for developing socio -emotional skills that combines neuroscience, positive psychology, technology and mentoring, to provide individualized human development and, at the same time scalable, contributing to the strengthening of culture, support network formation, reduction Turnover, increased productivity, greater engagement and expansion of the welfare of employees of companies and organizations.

Founders: Flavia Faugeres e Cecília Ivanisk

Investment Year: 2022
Headquarters: São Paulo
Sector: Edtech, HRtech



Lingopass is an Impact Data-Driven-focused Data-Driven for Business, with Integrated Digital Interface and Metric Management and Control Dashboard. Lingopass uncomplicates language learning for teams of large companies, while providing new data and insights to the business team and business management.

Founders: Alexandrine Brami e Suzana Lordelo

Investment Year: 2022
Headquarters: São Paulo
Sector: Edtech, HRtech



Youpay is a Banking ERP for educational institutions, which provides services to automate charges, payments, conciliation, accounting and financial BPO.
A complete financial management system with all integrated payment methods.

Founders: Douglas Ferro, Meirinaldo Junior, Marcus Figueiredo

Investment Year: 2022
Headquarters: Recife
Sector: Edtech, Fintech