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DOMO.VC is a Brazilian Venture Capital Firm that invests in technology startups across LatAm, particularly focusing on disruptive and innovative founders. We are a platform that supports early-stage startups, helping them grow and establish themselves in their respective markets.

We were established by our founding partners’ desire to transform potential into success and contribute to the development of the tech ecosystem in Latin America. Our team carries a track record of over 20 years in founding, investing, and advising technology startups of all sizes.

Our partners have thrived as entrepreneurs, having founded companies such as Buscapé in Brazil. The team has also been among the early investors in renowned startups like Loggi, Gympass, Hotmart, Descomplica, Quero Educação, among others.



We are DOMO, the invisible line that connects potential to success.

In our name, we carry a symbol of strength, shelter, and preparation. A symbol of our commitment to invest in potentials that transcend the ordinary.

We are a fortress for transformative entrepreneurs, a nurturing environment for those who dare to dream, a platform that empowers the most promising startups.

We are the epitome of what is to come, a stronghold for bold ideas, a shield for creativity, and a catalyst for success.

DOMO, the frontier between the present and the future

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Turbi is a 100% digital vehicle rental company, which promotes the use of its own shared cars among the community in a sustainable, practical and affordable model.

Founders: Diego Lira, Marcio Pedrozo, Luiz Bonini

Investment Year: 2018
Headquarters: São Paulo
Sector: Mobility, ClimateTech

Meu Tudo

MeuTudo is a platform that brings efficient credit to Brazilians enabling the achievement of the most diverse life goals from a cheaper point of view and very convenient. With over 10 million customers, the company aims at a 100% digital experience, with objective service without intermediaries and a truly balanced cost. It was the first fintech to digitize the payroll loan in Brazil and continues to bureaucracy and creating credit lines for new products focusing on new audiences of all ages. Founded in 2018 continues to bring credit to people that make it happen.

Founders: Marcio Feitoza, Felipe Oquendo, Marcelo Feitoza

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: Fortaleza
Sector: Fintech


Fretadão is the #1 solution for corporate charter management in Brazil and has become a one-stop-shop platform for corporate mobility. The innovative technology solution, which uses IoT, geolocation and script algorithms, makes employees transport more accessible and less stressful to passengers and economical and easy to manage to companies.

Founders: Antonio Carlos Gonçalves, Alexandre Santos, Bruno Milaré, Silvia Moreira de Faria, Janaina Cassetari

Investment Year: 2018
Headquarters: São Paulo
Sector: Mobility, ClimateTech

Conta Simples

Conta Simples is the ideal digital bank for entrepreneurs and companies in the new economy to climb your business. A financial platform with integrated expense and software management system, multiple corporate credit cards and much more to facilitate your company’s financial management

Founders: Rodrigo Tognini, Ricardo Gottschalk, Fernando Santos

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: São Paulo
Sector: Fintech

Rede Vistorias

GrupoRV is a marketplace specializing in real estate assets services, which integrates a digital platform with professionals qualified in more than 600 Brazilian cities. Whether for real estate, retail networks, hotels or civil construction, RV group solutions were developed to centralize real estate management by promoting transparency, agility and safety through technology.

Founders: Enrico Dias, Paul Eipper, Jonatan Matschulat

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: Florianópolis
Sector: Proptech


Zapay is a fintech that aims to make life easier for vehicle owners. With more than 20 million consultations made in its application and website, Zapay develops automotive solutions, as well as allowing drivers from car, motorcycles and trucks to consult traffic debts and make installments of fines, licensing and IPVA.
It is the company with the most partnerships in the sector, such as picpay, nonstop, veloe, porto Seguro and Serasa. It also has the largest national coverage, integrated with Detrans of all Brazilian states and accredited with the National Traffic Secretariat (Senatran).

Founders: Callebe Mendes, Pedro Vogado, Victor Mahon

Investment Year: 2021
Headquarters: Brasilia
Sector: Fintech


Faster offers signature design for marketing teams. Through their platform, any team can request, monitor and organize their creative materials intuitively, more quickly producing everything necessary to accelerate their strategies.
Founders: Vitor Filipe e Daniel Dahia

Investment Year: 2021
Headquarters: São Paulo
Sector: Adtech


FIn-X is a technology startup that develops solutions to improve the financial management of hospitals, clinics and medical offices. The company offers software that automates the processes of collection, billing and reconciliation of receivables, providing more efficiency and transparency for health institutions.

Founders: Daniel Shiraishi e Sergio Campagnana

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: São Paulo
Sector: Healthtech, Fintech

SpeedBird Aero

Speedbird Aero is the leading company in development, manufacture and operation of unprofited aircraft for logistics in Latin America. First Brazilian Company to receive from the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) a special aircraft certificate for RPA for the transport of drone cargo.

Founders: Manoel Coelho e Samuel Salomão

Investment Year: 2020
Headquarters: Franca
Sector: Logtech

IziApp is a BI software/platform for managing and anticipating receivables from companies in the retail industry, mostly in supermarkets.

Founders: Humberto Cavalcanti, Leandher Bessa, Alan Rezende

Investment Year: 2021
Headquarters: Fortaleza
Sector: Retailtech, Fintech


Seazone emerged in 2018 with a commitment to use technology and data intelligence to innovate and find the best opportunities in the segment. Leader in revenues of Airbnb Brasil, developed his own reserve site along with a platform that guarantees transparency to owners of real estate and brokers, as well as convenience to guests. It manages almost a thousand properties from north to south of Brazil through a franchise model, being present in places with wide demand. In addition, it added to the ecosystem to launch ventures focused on short -term rental in world famous destinations, marketed in the SPE model, enabling safe investments, with maximum profitability and accelerated appreciation.

Founders: Fernando Pereira, Gustavo Kremer, Bruno Benedetti, Matheus Ambrosi, Daniel Ody, Monica Medeiros

Investment Year: 2023
Headquarters: Florianópolis
Sector: Proptech


Vendah is a resale marketplace that turns anyone into a reseller without any investment. They offer new products, promotional materials, payment solutions and logistics so that resellers can sell without the need for their own stock.

Founders: Luis Felipe Franco, Marcelo Canovas, Ilana Nasser, Pedro Pedruzzi

Investment Year: 2023
Headquarters: São Paulo
Sector: Marketplace


Is a co-founder and general partner at DOMO.VC. With over 30 years of experience, Gonçalves has worked in leadership positions for various banks such as Banco Fator, Banco CR2, Barclays and ABN-Amro covering Capital Markets, Structured Finance, and M&A. He launched and was CEO of Assurant in Brazil, a Fortune 500 insurance company. In 2013, Gonçalves co-founded Koolen & Partners (K&P), along with Kees Koolen (founder of Booking) and was personally responsible for the investments in 3 unicorns: Loggi, Gympass and Hotmart. In 2016, Gonçalves co-founded DOMO.VC


Is a co-founder and general partner at DOMO.VC. He has over 20 years of experience in developing, building, and managing new businesses. Founded Buscapé in 1998 and was directly involved in all investment rounds received by the company – from Unibanco and Merrill Lynch (2000), from Great Hill Partners (2005), and also in the sale for USD 342MM to the South African group Naspers (2009). In 2014, Borges joined Koolen & Partners (K&P), where he was directly involved in the early-stage investment in unicorns such as Hotmart, Loggi and Gympass. As an angel investor, Borges invested in startups such as MarketUp, Neon, Bovcontrol, and, before co-founding DOMO.VC in 2016. Borges holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo.

Felipe Andrade

Is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at DOMO.VC. With more than 25 years of M&A, Asset Management and Capital Markets experience, and over 15 years as an active Board Member, Felipe is a registered Asset Manager (CVM). Led the execution of transactions over US$1 billion in M&A, debt restructurings, private equity, and has managed portfolios of families and institutional investors. Felipe started his career at Bankers Trust, Banco Pactual, having assumed senior positions at Barclays Capital, Flemings, Broadspan Capital (Co-Founder), and BSPAR Finanças (Co-Founder). Felipe has an MBA in Finance (class of 95) from Simon School, University of Rochester. Felipe is Vice-Chairman on the Board of Oceanpact, a Bovespa listed company, and a Board Member at Meutudo ( a DOMO Ventures I company), and QR Capital ( a DOMO FIP Anjo company).

Marcio Zarzur

Is a managing partner at DOMO.VC. With over 10 years of experience in financial markets, Zarzur worked at the distribution desk in Bank of America Merrill Lynch and as a wealth manager at Credit Suisse, BTG Pactual and UBS (Zurich). In 2018, Zarzur joined DOMO.VC as head of investor relations and distribution, having been made a partner in 2019 and a member of the executive committee in 2022. Zarzur is also a board member at Oikos Wealth Management, a multi-family office based in São Paulo. Zarzur holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – SP (ESPM), an Executive Education Certificate in Venture Capital from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia Business School, Columbia University.


Has 24 years of experience in early stage investments in Brazil. He began his career in 1999, when he co-founded e-Platform, BuscaPé’s first institutional investor. I later founded El Area, which was also one of Descomplica’s first institutional investors. Today, Pontillo is responsible for FIP ANJO, managed by DOMO.VC, which has been online since 2019 and already has more than 50 investments in its portfolio. FIP ANJO counts on BNDES as an anchor investor, and also has the support of BNB, BANDES, BRDE, BANRISUL, BADESUL and BOSSANOVA.


Is a general partner at DOMO.VC. With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Letelier founded Buscapé in 1998, having held positions in finance, sales, and new business development for the company. He has been directly involved in all of Buscapé’s investment rounds – Unibanco and Merrill Lynch (2000), from Great Hill Partners (2005), and also in the sale for USD 342MM to the South African group Naspers (2009). Letelier has also made a series of strategic angel investments in startups such as Descomplica, Quero Educação, Linte, Prontmed, and, before joining DOMO.VC in 2019 as a general partner responsible for the DOMO.VC’s Angel fund. Letelier holds a bachelor ‘s degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo.